Share Power Apps with Microsoft Teams Users

You can share an app with Microsoft Teams users since each Microsoft team also creates a Microsoft 365 group in Azure AD. The only pre-requisite is the associated Microsoft 365 group of the Microsoft Team should be securityEnabled. By default, the Microsoft team group is not security enabled. If you are trying to share a Power Apps with a Microsoft team which is not security enabled, you will not be able to add or select the group

Microsoft has documentation on how to security enable a Microsoft 365 group but you should have PowerShell installed on your computer. In this blog post, let us see how to enable securityEnabled property using Graph Explorer which is a web portal.


  • Owner of the Microsoft Team
  • Access to Graph Explorer

Step 1: Find the Microsoft Teams Group Object ID. Login to the Microsoft Azure Active directory admin portal. Search for the Microsoft teams group using the display name of the Team. From the overview section of the group, copy the group Object Id

Step 2: Sign in to Graph Explorer. Find below the request details

Request Type: Patch


Request Body:

    "securityEnabled": true

If you have consent for permissions, click Modify permissions as shown above to grant consent. Once everything is set, click Run query to enable security role. Once the property is set to True, you can share the Power App with Teams users. This setting is not required to share a Microsoft cloud flow.

Hope you have found this informational & thanks for reading. If you are visiting my blog for the first time, please do look at my other blogposts.


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