Parse an array without using Parse JSON action in Power Automate cloud flow

In this blog post let us see how to access the property of an array object without using Parse JSON action.

Find below the sample array which has been initialized in an array variable

    "Name": "Mohamed Ashiq Faleel",
    "Location": "Stockholm"
    "Name": "Megan Bowen",
    "Location": "New York"

Add a Apply to each control with output selected from the array variable EmployeeArray as shown below

Add the compose action inside the Apply to each control loop to access the property Name from the array. In the compose action add the following expression to get the Name value


Find below the screenshot with the expression

For country it should be


The generic expression is


Hope you have found this informational & thanks for reading. If you are visiting my blog for the first time, please do look at my other blogposts.


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