Cancel all your running Power Automate flow runs using M365 CLI and REST API

This blog post is in continuation to my previous one Resubmit your failed Power Automate flow runs automatically using M365 CLI and REST API, in this blog post let us see how to cancel all your running flow runs using

  • CLI for Microsoft 365
  • Power Automate REST API

CLI for Microsoft 365:

Microsoft 365 CLI helps you manage configuration settings of Microsoft 365 tenant and its various services like SharePoint, Power Automate, Power Apps, Microsoft Graph etc and to build automation scripts on any platform. Refer to this post Resubmit your failed Power Automate flow runs automatically using M365 CLI and REST API for the steps to execute & to get started with M365 CLI commands. Find below the cmdlet to cancel a flow run

 CLI cmdlet to cancel a Flow Run:

Replace the flowEnvironmentID, flowGUID & flowRunID

m365 flow run cancel --environment flowEnvironmentID --flow flowGUID --name flowRunID –confirm

You can run the M365 CLI commands stored in a file like PowerShell cmdlets. Find below the M365 CLI cmdlets stored in a PowerShell file (.ps1) to cancel the running flow runs automatically.

$flowRuns = m365 flow run list --environment $flowEnvironment --flow $flowGUID --output json | ConvertFrom-Json
foreach ($run in $flowRuns) 
    if($run.status -eq "Running")
		Write-Output "Run details: " $run
		# Cancel all the running flow runs
		m365 flow run cancel --environment $flowEnvironment --flow $flowGUID --name $ --confirm
		Write-Output "Run Cancelled successfully"			

The above script stored in file with .ps1 extension can be executed as shown below on the Power Shell command line by passing the Flow Environment ID and the Flow ID in the command line

PS C:\Script> ./cancelFlowRuns.ps1 flowEnvironmentId flowIdforcancellingruns

To get the Flow Environment Id and Flow Id, refer to the below screenshot

The script to cancel all ongoing flow runs can be downloaded from my GitHub here. Find below screenshot after running the script.

Power Automate REST API:

There are Power Automate REST API endpoints to list the Flow Runs and to cancel a run. Go through the following blog post for more information on how access the Power Automate REST API endpoints

Everything to know about Power Automate REST API to manage your flows

The above-mentioned blogpost will help you to call the following Power Automate REST APIs from a custom connector and programmatically from other applications.

API Endpoint to list flow runs:


Endpoint to cancel a flow run:


Summary: I would recommend getting familiar with Microsoft 365 CLI which has various cmdlets to make your job easier. The syntax of all commands is well documented with examples. Hope you have found this informational & thanks for reading. If you are visiting my blog for the first time, please do look at my other blogposts.