How to find the Operating System and stack of an existing Azure website

Azure websites also known as app service can be easily created through multiple interfaces like Azure Power shell, CLI, Azure portal etc. While creating the website or App Service you will have to select the operating system, default choice is Windows. OS selection also depends on the runtime version you select (.NET framework, .Net core, Java etc). If you have an existing website connected to an App service plan, by the time I write this post you can’t find the OS information on the Overview or configuration section of the App service or App service plan. Let us see how we can find it

Option 1:

In the Azure portal, select the App service plan of the Azure Website. In the app service plan left menu, select App under settings blade. For Windows OS, it will be as app for type

For Linux website, it will be as app, linux for type

Option 2:

In the Azure portal, select the App service. In the left menu, select Advanced Tools under Development Tools blade. Click go

Once the Advanced Tools is opened, click Environment on the Top Left corner. You can find the OS under System Info. For Windows App service

For Linux App service:

To know the runtime stack, In the Azure portal, select the App service. In the left menu, select Configuration under Settings blade. Click General Settings

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