Azure Key Vault in Power Automate cloud flow – Could not retrieve values

Recently I was trying to connect Azure key vault to retrieve certificate details using the action called Get Secret in a cloud flow, as of the time writing this article I am not able to successfully establish the connection. It gave me an error Could no retrieve values as shown below instead of prompting me to enter the credentials to create the connection successfully.

To create a successful connection, follow the steps outlined

Step 1: Go to the Connection as shown below from the Left navigation bar > Select the Azure Key vault connection > Edit.

The first step of adding the Get Secret action in flow would have created the connection with the status Parameter value missing

Step 2: Enter the name of the Azure Key vault and click Save

Step 3: Click Fix connection & sign in using the account which has access to the Azure Key Vault. After this step, the status will be connected.

Step 4: Go back the cloud flow which has the action, the action would now be able to get the secrets from Key Vault as expected. To make sure the action has the correct connection, click the three dots and verify from the My connections list


Hope Microsoft fixes this issue for the Azure Key vault connector. I have used Azure Key vault to store Secret & Certificates for authenticating against MS Graph to access its rich api endpoints. Hope you have found this informational & thanks for reading. If you are visiting my blog for the first time, please do look at my other blogposts.

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