Create a Power Automate custom connector from Postman V2 Collection

Postman collections makes the creation of custom connectors in Power Automate easier & quicker. As of time I am writing this article, to create a custom connector using Postman collection in Power Automate the version of Postman collection has to be V1. The current version of collections exported from Postman is V2. There is a NPM package by the name Postman Collection Transformer to rescue which helps converting the collection to V1 and vice versa.


Step 1: Install the NPM package postman-collection-transformer using the following command

npm install -g postman-collection-transformer

Step 2: Generate the Postman collection from Postman

Step 3: Run the following command to generate the V1 collection. For more information on the NPM package go through this link.

postman-collection-transformer convert --input ./Postman_collection-V2.json --input-version 2.0.0 --output ./Postman_collection-V1.json --output-version 1.0.0 --pretty --overwrite

Step 4: V1 Postman collection is ready, you can now proceed with the creation of custom connector in the flow portal.

As pointed out by Richard Wilson, there are third party portals (Requires Registration) available which helps in converting the format of the Postman collection.

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